Love is A Four Letter Word

Love is not rocket science, it’s not this long drawn out theory, and it is not a hidden element that we’ve yet to fully discover. Love is a four-letter word. It is a feeling that sometimes leaves you tight within your chest. It’s a gift that everyone has learned how to give, whether they know... Continue Reading →

Open or Closed?

Many of you may not know this, but one of top three favorite shows on tv right now happens to be Insecure. Not only is it super funny and has a bomb ass soundtrack, but it also does an amazing job at pushing boundaries and making you think when it comes to relationships. One of more... Continue Reading →

Dating at Work.

Office relations, are they good or bad? I know some like to think that they will find their soul mate in numerous places; church, the grocery store, the gym or even work. However, when it comes to work crushes what if that person isn’t your soul mate and things turn sour, then what happens? I... Continue Reading →

When it’s Time to Walk Away

"That’s when I realized it was time to walk away." I think everyone who knows me, knows I am not the relationship type. Never have been, and I probably never will be. I mean I am still “The woman who loves single” deep down inside. It’s not that I am bitter or against it, its... Continue Reading →

The Woman Who Loves Single.

There is no doubt in my mind that every woman tends to feel some of the pressures that society has when it comes to their dating life. However, what about those who prefer to stay single or just play the field? Oh yes, there are some names that society has for those types of women.... Continue Reading →

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