All Summer 2k17


Now that we are well into the summer, I’ve decided to take a break from some of the more serious topics that I usually discuss and write on something I think is much more fun! So below I have decided to touch on a few activities that I feel are enjoyable and that can help lead to a good summer!

  • Take some time off.   All work and no play can lead to anyone feeling worn out and washed. It’s not such a bad thing to take a personal day off and go layout by the sun. You earned it, you deserve it and you’re getting paid for it!
  • Go for a dip.  If you’re a water sign like me, then I know you enjoy the water just as much as I do. Visit your nearest pool or take a trip to the beach. If you’re fortunate enough to have a pool at your place of residence this is also a plus. Not only is the pool a great place to relax at but it’s also a great place to get in some quick exercise. Killing two birds with one stone! (Not literally of course)
  • Take A Vacay. Whether it’s a staycation or a trip away with friends. A vacation is a must have for everyone’s summer to-do list. I know for me I don’t feel complete unless I take at least one vacation. I like to get away, change my scenery and pretend that I don’t have any real responsibilities for a few days.
  • Try something new! There is always something going on during the summer months so it doesn’t hurt to try something different. Summer time is full of amazing fairs, carnivals, art shows, concerts, pool parties and even trips to the amusement park. If you haven’t tried any of those things, then you’re truly missing out! I live for deep fried Oreos, and funnel cakes so fair time is my favorite time!
  • Visit the Zoo. I loveee animals! If your zoo is as nice as mine take trip and see those cute animals!
  • Cute Dates. By cute I mean picnics, go-cart racing, mini golf and even try a drive-in movie. Those types of dates may be cliché but you must admit they’re cute and enjoyable.
  • Try Hiking. Yes, it’s a little hot but hiking is great exercise, it’s a good way to ease your mind, and it allows you to become one with nature. We’re so consumed in our phones and social media all the time, it’s not such a bad thing to shy away from it for a day or two.
  • Exercise! Ok, Ok exercising may not be fun for all. However, it is a great way to release some steam as well as help you feel good. I know after a good workout session for me I always feel much better and less tense. Also, it’s not a bad thing to want to take care of your body.

I know these may choices may seem a bit much for some, but one of the benefits that many of these activities have is that they’re free! There’s nothing like free fun on a nice summer day. So, get out enjoy and make the most of your summer! As always, with love! XO J

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