When it’s Time to Walk Away

Life, Relationship

“That’s when I realized it was time to walk away.”

I think everyone who knows me, knows I am not the relationship type. Never have been, and I probably never will be. I mean I am still The woman who loves single” deep down inside. It’s not that I am bitter or against it, its just I have some issues when it comes to truly trusting someone. I have a problem with the fact that, when shit hits the fan its never for better or worse, its always “ok this is too much for me got-to-go!” I think this stems from witnessing too many failed relationships and not wanting to be apart of one. Or the fact that most people in my generation can’t even commit to something as simple as what they want to eat. However for the past month I’ve tried to give the whole relationship thing a try and honey let me tell you, It’s a whole headache. That’s when I realized it was time to walk away.

Moment one.

Insecurities. Neither man, nor woman wants their partners to be insecure. THEY JUST DON’T! You want your partner to feel loved and happy to be with you, not like they are being scolded or being watched like a hawk. What people fail to realize is when you bring your insecurities into a relationship, nothing good comes out of it. Especially if all you do is deny that they exist. If I can’t feel comfortable in a group setting with both men and women because you think I’m sneaking around with every person that says hello, then baby listen, I don’t need you.

Moment two.

Verbal Threats. You know when you have an argument and they blurt out “you know how many people I could be with right now?” No, I don’t know, but by all means they can have you. If that is your go to during an argument then this isn’t for you and I am not the person for you. Not only is that to me a sign of weakness, but it’s also a sign of immaturity and baby I don’t have any kids so I’m not going to argue with one.

Moment Three.

It became an 80/20 Relationship. If you feel like you’re being drained, then 9 times out of 10 you’re the only one really trying. Once a person feels like the relationship is no longer at an equal stance, or they are putting most of the time and energy into it. Then it is probably time to let go. *Disclaimer: If you feel it’s worth fighting for, keep fighting.

Moment Four.

Harsh Words. I’ve always believed you should pay attention to the things people say when they’re mad. Even if they say they’re sorry, part of them really meant it or it wouldn’t have been said. I am not here for men disrespecting women nor am I here for women doing the same. Relationships should not only be built on trust but they should also be built on respect. Respect me or leave me alone.

Lastly, Moment Five.

No fucks given. Excuse my language, but the moment you feel like “ehh whatever, I’m done I don’t need this” then you’re probably actually done this time and you’re not up for forgiving Ray Ray’s punk ass no more. You’re tired, you’re fed up, and you have finally realized you’re worth more than this and deserve better.

By no means am I some relationship guru, but I do know what a relationship should and shouldn’t feel like. Most importantly, I know my worth, I believe all people should. No person is worth your sanity or worth the headache and heartache. Love yourself; be selfish with your time. Realize your full potential and know that the right person will never make you feel anything short of loved. – XO J

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