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Want to know whats sad? We live in a world where according to society, if its not posted on social media then its not happening. Its sick that so many people need Facebook or IG to feel important. Its pathetic that those who don’t wish to share everything are second guessed or looked down upon as if they’re are doing something wrong for choosing to keep certain things to themselves. According to society if you don’t let people alllllll these strangers know exactly who it is you’re dating, when and where your family took a vacation, and what time you went to the bathroom, then you’re doing it all wrong. I just want all of you who think like that to know, you can kiss my ass. I DON’T have to share everything with you. If you feel as such then maybe next time i need to wipe my ass you can be the one to do it for me so you know everything thats going on in my life. Thanks. Ps. You people are a new kind of sorry XO – J

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