Cutting off Loose Ends

Change, Lifestyle

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” – Coco Chanel

The first time I decided to cut my hair back in 2014, I did it because I was bored and sick of my usual style. Another reason was I got tired of being comfortable. I knew that feeling wasn’t going to change unless I forced myself outside my comfort zone and put my words into action. Not only did I surprise others but also I surprised myself. Once I saw my hair hit the ground I knew there would be no turning back at that point. That same feeling I had then I have now. I am comfortable and comfortable is not something I can settle with for long. I am at this stage in my life where things are falling into place but its time to shake something’s up. I am at a point where everything must go and it’s time for shit to get weird. I am ready to feel challenged, scared yet brave at the same time, and ready to widen my boundaries. I always say is life is for the living and I am ready to get to it. There are just a few changes that need to be made before I enter this next stage.

 Realizing who contributes more negativity into my life than good.

You know, the miserable that always desire company. Those people have to go. I am all out of second chances and my patience is running on empty. There is no way in hell you can be that unhappy. I need love around me at all times, not someone who’s only interest is the love life of others. Or about the picture they just posted on Instagram. Not interested.

Ridding myself of worries for things I can’t control.

   Lately I have formed this habit of worrying about things that serve me no purpose. For example, I let others vent to me with their problems that only result in me trying to make their problems my own. This may sound really shitty, but I can’t let other’s problems effect me. I literally cannot. It’s not healthy and those problems weren’t written for me. God has a plan for me and those problems aren’t in it.

Stop searching for the light and become it.

Another thing I realized is no one else is going to just make my life perfect for me. No one is going to give me all of the answers to life’s problems and things aren’t going to just fall into my life because I think they should. No, I must become my own light in whatever path I am on and lead my way. While doing so, I hope to help light someone else’s way too.

Cut off loose ends

By this I mean rid myself of everything that doesn’t tie into where I want to be next. I need to rid myself of bad habits and strive towards a better future and an even better Jackiee. Sometimes holding on to things can only hurts more in the end.

Lately I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about change, but I think its because I am currently living it. Everything has a season and I am ready to for my next season to begin. Xo- J

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