Alive or Living.


Are you alive? Or are you just living? This is a question that I find myself constantly asking. Am I truly living, Or am I just breathing. Don’t judge me because this is something I choose to discuss, not that I’d care. But please note that I am not just another millennial finding something to be fake woke about or trying to come off as fake deep. However, it is something that I think most people shy away from. I want to be able to answer this question truthfully without having to convince others, or even my damn self of what the answer really is. Life is good but I still can’t help but wonder, there’s got to be more to life. Is this it? Am I at least headed in the right path to living out my full potential? Or did I make a wrong turn somewhere. Parts of me, no majority of me knows it’s not and I can’t help but feel like I’m playing it safe and just doing whatever comes with a check. I know for a fact I am not alone when it comes to feeling this way. Yet I still can’t seem to find the answer.

I mean beside the articles that want you to believe if you quit your job and travel broke you’ll be happy, I can’t seem to find some realistic answers to this. That’s just bullshit if you ask me. You must excuse me as you will find I use that word quite often. Bullshit, is pretty much the only description I have for things these days. Bullshit is also much of the information you’ll find out there in regards to this question. Not all, but a vast majority. I just want to hear real stories, full of real experiences, from real people who are REALLY living or have really lived. I read once, “being alive is not an accomplishment” and “living is more than just breathing.” Finally, something I don’t consider bullshit. Understand I am more than blessed and happy to be alive. I can’t thank God enough for it. However, I am ready to start living. I can hear my mother saying “you haven’t paid your dues yet” and I get that. Everything comes with time. But I am sick of “just breathing.”

I won’t drag this out any longer or bore you with more sayings. However, what I will say is just think about it. Ask yourself what is the difference between being alive and living and figure out where you fall on the spectrum. Are you really living or are you just being? XO J

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