If I Disappear…

Lifestyle, Relationship

If one day you look up and wonder why you haven’t heard from me or why you have seen less and less of me, just know, I have moved on. I am at the point in my life where I have decided to remove all toxins and all things that are blocking me from my inner peace, as well as blocking me from growth. I choose to no longer let things and people hold me back from where it is I am going and the person I want to be. I choose to no longer sit back and laugh at the ignorance of my “friends” when deep down I really feel sorry for them. I choose to no longer sit back and tolerate the negativity of those around me just because we’re cool. And I choose to no longer hold on to those relationships that died so long ago.

So if I disappear and you wonder why, know that I am fine, know that I am good. Please know that I am still not perfect nor am I dreaming to be. Know that God is still looking out for me, and blessings are still within arms reach. Know that my life will still have its ups and downs, but I will be just fine. And please know that just because it did not work out between us, maybe its just me and not you. If I disappear, please do not become fixated on why. Do not try to fix what is clearly meant to be broken. Do not try to find closure, because it probably will not bring you peace.

Just Know I Am Moving On. 

So when I disappear, know I am working on becoming a better person than I was before. Know there is no love lost and it’s still there. Know that nothing last forever not even the best of things. Know it’s ok to let some shit go, people too. Know that this is not me telling you I am better than the next. But rather hear me out when I say, I choose to no longer hold on to what I should have let go so long ago. Know that I didn’t have to say anything at all, but I wanted to leave with some peace. Know that this is not me “throwing shade.” This is me, growing up and moving the hell on.

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