Let The Past Be The Past.


As a person who enjoys writing, one of the things that I must admit to, is the struggle with being fully content with the things that I write. This is one of the main reason I circled back to this specific post. While writing this, I thought for sure I was feeling inspired at the time. However, that “inspiration” was more so me trying to get out what I was feeling at that moment. Word to the wise, never confuse inspiration with a rant unless you’re okay with publishing “shit.”  So what “inspired” this rant you may ask? The sight of someone from my past who tried crawling their way into my present, that’s what. Don’t get me wrong, there is no love lost and no bridges were burnt during our last days of friendship. However, sometimes you have to walk away from people in order to become a better you.

One of the things that I love most about my past is that it’s my past. No, it isn’t perfect and it’s for damn sure not pretty, but its my past that has allowed me to become the person I am today. A better person! My past isn’t something I have to hide, but is also not something I’m still dwelling on or still stuck in. What made me want to rant and write wasn’t the sight of this persons face. Or even the mention of their name, however it was the fact that as hard as you try to remove certain things and certain people, they’re never really gone. I find it funny that so many people I know are still stuck in their past and absolutely nothing about them has changed. Where is the fucking growth in that? Being that same naive person now in your 20’s as you were in your teens is a scary thing. That’s someone I refuse to be.

This isn’t at all an attempt to throw shade and I know many will speculate and wonder who this person may be. However, one should not dwell on something as such. Yet take it as an opportunity to think about if that person or thing you’ve given up in your past, is truly still your past and not something you’re holding on to. I’m not saying go out and start cutting just anyone off. But I am saying think about the things holding you back and what you need to let go of. Growth is and will never be a bad thing. It’s Amazing! It’s beautiful and it can be something truly life changing. Living in the past has never gotten me anywhere and I’m not sure how it will for anyone else. Move on, “glow up“, and become the person you’re holding yourself back from being. – Xo J.

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